Let music follow your steps


What is Pace?

Pace is a music player for runners, which can free you from the music finding, it will auto detect your steps and play songs matching your pace perfectly.

Listening music is a good way to release in workout. Good music does better.

It's really a fantastic experience to beat every steps exactly on tempo.

It's Simple

I'm trying hard to hide the complexity behind the simplicity of Pace.

With a single click, workout becomes an exciting thing.

It's Beautiful

Beauty is productivity.

With gentle face and smooth animations, I hope Pace can be a product that delights you.

It's Functional

Pace can automatic analyze your music library, detect your pace and select a matching song that motivates you.

All of this happend offline, background.


  • Auto analyze your LOCAL music library
  • Auto detect your pace, and select a matching song that motivates you
  • No network needed for music analyzing & pace detecting
  • Working as background service. You can interacting with notification bar without launch the app.
For better experience, you need to download as many songs as possible.
But Pace can play preset in App music even your music library is empty.